Practice with Videos 5: Today, to have to


You have reached the end of Module 1! Now you know 20 French words and can form over 100 sentences on your own!

If you need a little more practice, feel free to watch the original recording of this lesson, where Lucas teaches this module to real students.

If you’re feeling confident, you can skip this option for now and maybe come back to it later. Remember, it will always be here, as well as all the other videos, for you to rewatch and practice.

For the end of module 1, we suggest you practice your newly learned vocabulary daily. For that cause, we have designed for you an Anki flashcard deck with all the vocabulary you learned in this Module. 

To download your Anki deck, just click on ‘Test Yourself: Anki Flashcard Deck’ on the left side of the screen. 

If you’ve never used Anki before, we invite you to check out our video, ‘How to Use Anki Flashcards’ on the left, which will explain in detail how to install and use Anki.

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